June 2016

Rotel Stories: My Dream System

This Rotel Story and photo was submitted by 'Saul Cinefreak' from Mexico. Share your Rotel story on our Learn & Share page.

When I decided to build my next home, I finally set aside a dedicated room to watch movies and listen to music at reference levels as I've always dreamed. The question remained, which amp to choose to feed my power-hungry Focal speakers? The Focal Profile line was acclaimed for it's finesse, it's musicality, it's power handling and detail revealing sound; but they had a "secret". They needed loads of high current power to deliver, and we are not talking about rough muscle only, their tweeters reveal every nuissance, every hissing, every high pitched instrument on the original recording, so these speakers did not need only brute force, but also a real high fidelity, detailed sounding, multichannel amplifier. There was another challenge: the amplifier should abide by all of these characteristics, and on top of that, it needed to be able to handle very demanding impedances (as these 8 ohm Focals peak just above 3 ohms when driven hard!).

The solution was clear: the Rotel RMB-1575 amplifier. Not only does it deliver 1250 watts of RMS power @ 8 ohms, all channels driven, (2500watts @ 4ohms) while staying cool, but it does that with a high resolution, very detailed, real-life staging, rich sound!

Posted by RotelHifi

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