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January 2016

At Rotel, we make no secret of what is “under the hood”. A close inspection reveals that Rotel components are designed and built to a standard associated with “cost is no object” brands. Our long experience and in-house manufacturing allows us to deliver unique value.

A typical Rotel Toroidal Transformer   

December 2015

You don't necessarily have to have a 7.1 surround theater system to enjoy your TV programs and sports events. That said, there is nothing like being in the middle of the action with a great surround system. However, not everyone has the budget or perhaps desire to have a full-blown theater system in every room where they have a TV. Yes, there are soundbar options that provide an impressive pseudo-surround effect, but what if you already have a good stereo system and simply want to hook your TV up to it?

November 2015

Our new preamplifier and power amplifier reference system was recently named “Best of 2015” by Hi-Fi News in the U.K.. The duo received high praise for it's superb sound, build quality and value.

Some of the review highlights include:

"Both preamp and power amp are solid, neatly turned-out and have controls with a precise and well-engineered feel. And as you'll see from the internal shots on these pages, both also have a clear, logical layout, and use high-quality components"

Sept. 2015

Physical Graffiti is a 55 minute powerhouse journey through Led Zeppelin’s most stylistically ambitious album. Originally released as a double album in 1975, the new Deluxe Edition features seven unearthed bonus tracks that will leave you wanting more. It is somewhat surprising that even more bonus material wasn’t released, as the original album consisted of a large portion of studio outtakes dating back to 1970. Jimmy Page, Zeppelin’s guitar player and original producer, has re-mastered the original album with musically subtle and stunning sonic improvements.

August 2015

Making an investment in great components from Rotel is only one step in creating fantastic sound. The most overlooked aspect of getting peak performance out of your system is the correct use of loudspeakers. When used improperly, bass performance, stereo imaging, dynamics and clarity suffer. Often times we misattribute the cause of these issues, and end up on a wild goose chase looking for a solution that was under our nose the entire time. It is worth noting that the acoustics of your room have a powerful influence on the sound of your loudspeakers, but that topic is beyond the scope of this article.


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