Control System-Ressourcen

Connects with Control4 Certified

Control4-zertifizierte serielle Treiber
Modell-Nr Control4-Treiber Veröffentlichungsdatum Serial IP
A12 A12 Control4-Treiber 02/24/2017
A14 A14 Control4-Treiber 02/24/2017
A14MKII A14MKII Control4-Treiber 12/28/2021
CD14 CD14 Control4-Treiber 02/28/2017
RA-12 RA-12 Control4-Treiber 02/24/2017
RA-11 RA-11 Control4-Treiber 02/24/2017
RA-1570 RA-1570 Control4-Treiber 02/24/2017
RA-1592 RA-1592 Control4-Treiber 02/24/2017
RC-1570 RC-1570 Control4-Treiber 02/24/2017
RC-1590 RC-1590 Control4-Treiber 02/24/2017
RKB-8100 RKB-8100 Control4-Treiber 08/15/2017
RKB-850 RKB-850 Control4-Treiber 08/15/2017
RKB-D8100 RKB-D8100 Control4-Treiber 08/15/2017
RKB-D850 RKB-D850 Control4-Treiber 08/15/2017
RT-11 RT-11 Control4-Treiber 01/24/2017
T11 T11 Control4-Treiber 01/24/2017
T14 T14 Control4-Treiber 08/07/2017

Connects with Control4

Control4 Serielle Treiber
Modell-Nr Control4-Treiber Veröffentlichungsdatum Serial IP
A14 A14 Control4-Treiber 01/10/2019
A14MKII A14MKII Control4-Treiber 12/28/2021
C8 C8 Control4-Treiber 08/02/2022
C8+ C8+ Control4-Treiber 08/02/2022
DT-6000 DT-6000 Control4-Treiber 10/19/2022
P5 P5 Control4-Treiber 06/28/2020
RA-1572 RA-1572 Control4-Treiber 01/09/2019
RA-1572MKII RA-1572MKII Control4-Treiber 12/28/2021
RA-1592 RA-1592 Control4-Treiber 01/09/2019
RA-1592MKII RA-1592MKII Control4-Treiber 12/28/2021
RA-6000 RA-6000 Control4-Treiber 09/29/2022
RAP-1580 RAP-1580 Control4-Treiber 11/14/2018
RAP-1580MKII RAP-1580MKII Control4-Treiber 10/10/2020
RC-1082 RC-1082 Control4-Treiber 01/31/2014
RC-1572 RC-1572 Control4-Treiber 01/10/2019
RC-1572MKII RC-1572MKII Control4-Treiber 12/28/2021
RC-1580 RC-1580 Control4-Treiber 01/31/2014
RC-1590 RC-1590 Control4-Treiber 01/09/2019
RC-1590MKII RC-1590MKII Control4-Treiber 12/28/2021
RCD-1520 RCD-1520 Control4-Treiber 01/22/2014
RCD-1570 RCD-1570 Control4-Treiber 01/22/2014
RCX-1500 RCX-1500 Control4-Treiber 06/18/2014
RDD-1580 RDD-1580 Control4-Treiber 12/31/2014
RDG-1520 RDG-1520 Control4-Treiber 06/18/2014
RSP-1068 RSP-1068 Control4-Treiber 01/31/2014
RSP-1069 RSP-1069 Control4-Treiber 01/31/2014
RSP-1570 RSP-1570 Control4-Treiber 01/31/2014
RSP-1572 RSP-1572 Control4-Treiber 01/31/2014
RSP-1576 RSP-1576 Control4-Treiber 11/14/2018
RSP-1576MKII RSP-1576MKII Control4-Treiber 10/10/2020
RSP-1582 RSP-1582 Control4-Treiber 11/27/2018
RSX-1056 RSX-1056 Control4-Treiber 01/31/2014
RSX-1057 RSX-1057 Control4-Treiber 01/31/2014
RSX-1058 RSX-1058 Control4-Treiber 01/31/2014
RSX-1067 RSX-1067 Control4-Treiber 01/31/2014
RSX-1550 RSX-1550 Control4-Treiber 06/18/2014
RSX-1560 RSX-1560 Control4-Treiber 06/18/2014
RSX-1562 RSX-1562 Control4-Treiber 06/18/2014
X3 X3 Control4-Treiber 03/07/2021
X5 X5 Control4-Treiber 03/07/2021


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