Oct, 2021

Rotel’s Michi Products Certified as Roon Tested

Rotel’s Michi Products Certified as Roon Tested

Fully certified Roon Tested Michi products ensure the highest compatibility with Roon

Tokyo, Japan (October 20, 2021) - Rotel is pleased to announce the Michi P5 Preamplifier, X3 Integrated Amplifier and X5 Integrated Amplifier have been fully certified as Roon Tested ensuring compatibility with Roon. These 3 Michi models now certified as Roon Tested via the PC-USB connection ensure easy access to catalogs of both online and local music files. 

“Michi is all about performance”, remarks Daren Orth, Chief Technology Officer of Rotel. “Access to online music utilizing Roon delivers the best user experience and access to a near unlimited quantity of high-quality music files. We are pleased to add Michi to this ecosystem and in cooperation with Roon for a limited time offering customers a 60-day Roon free trial subscription .”

Minimum software versions supporting Roon are as listed below. Michi products can be updated via the Internet or via the USB connection on the rear panel. Information on software update instructions and software version downloads are available at www.rotel.com/software-updates

P5 Preamplifier                     Version 1.12 

X5 Integrated Amplifier         Version 1.04 

X3 Integrated Amplifier         Version 1.04


Please go to the Roon wesbite page: https://roonlabs.com/downloads for Roon software download .

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