July 2019

Rotel Feature Quick Reference: Signal Sense

Signal Sense is a feature available on several Rotel models and is configured via either the On-Screen Display (where applicable) or front display Setup Menu.

Feature Summary:

  • The Rotel device will monitor a specific input for an audio signal.
  • If the unit is currently in Standby mode and a signal is detected, it will automatically power the unit up to the signal sense input.
  • If the unit is powered on and no signal is detected for 10 minutes, it will automatically power off.
  • If the unit is powered off manually (i.e. by the remote control or RS232/IP connection) while the connected audio source is still playing, signal sense will only resume after the audio signal has stopped for a continuous 10 minutes.
  • In the original feature design, the Rotel device must be listening to the selected Signal Sense input when it is in Standby mode for the feature to be active. For example, if the unit was configured to monitor the Coax 1 input for audio, and the unit was set to the Optical 1 input when it was powered off it would not power the unit up if a signal was detected on Coax 1)
  • With later software updates, most models (excluding RC-1590) now support Signal Sense regardless of the last input selected when the unit is powered off. Using the previous example, even though the unit was last powered off on the Optical 1 input, if a signal was detected on Coax 1 it would power the unit up and select the Coax 1 input.
Supported Models and Available Inputs for Signal Sense
Coax 1 XXXX
Coax 2 XXXX
Coax 3    X
Optical 1 XXXX
Optical 2 XXXX
Optical 3    X
Video 1-8     
Coax 1 XX 
Coax 2 XX 
Coax 3  X 
Optical 1 XX 
Optical 2 XX 
Optical 3  X 
Video 1-8X  X

Signal Sense and the Auto Power Off Feature

The Auto Power Off feature will power off the device if there is no changes made to the volume, source or input within the selected time period.

  • The Signal Sense feature takes precedence over the Auto Power Off feature.
  • If Auto Power Off is enabled, when the selected Signal Sense input is set for listening, the unit will turn off when there is no audio signal detected for ten minutes, regardless of the time selected for the Auto Power Off setting.
  • If an input other than the designated Signal Sense is set for listening, power will be controlled by the Auto Power Off setting.
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