April 3, 2024

Rotel Partners with ProSource through Fine Sounds Americas to Amplify Brand Reach and Support

Rotel, a leading provider of high-performance audio products is pleased to announce its collaboration with ProSource through their USA distributor, Fine Sounds Americas. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the accessibility and support for Rotel products across the US market.

ProSource Buying Group is a premier organization representing over 550 specialty retailers and custom integrators nationwide. By joining forces with ProSource, Rotel furthers its reach with the vast network of industry professionals and resources dedicated to driving success in the consumer electronics market.

Fine Sounds Americas, renowned for its commitment to distributing premium audio equipment, further fortifies this collaboration. With Fine Sounds Americas' expertise and distribution channels, Rotel can expand its presence and provide exceptional products to a broader audience.

"Rotel is thrilled to join forces with ProSource Buying Group through Fine Sounds Americas," said Peter Kao, Managing Director of Rotel. "This partnership represents a significant milestone for our brand, as we continue to strengthen our position in the market and deliver unparalleled audio experiences to our customers."

Through this collaboration, Rotel will benefit from ProSource's extensive network of retailers and integrators, enabling the brand to reach more consumers seeking high-quality audio solutions. Fine Sounds Americas' support will facilitate streamlined distribution, ensuring Rotel products are readily available to meet increasing demand.

"We are excited to welcome Rotel to the ProSource family," said Jim Kozicki, VP of Business Development at ProSource. "Their commitment to innovation and quality aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our members with the best-in-class products and support."

The partnership between Rotel, ProSource Buying Group, and Fine Sounds Americas exemplifies a shared dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. Together, these industry leaders are poised to elevate the audio experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

For more information about Rotel and its range of audio products, please visit www.rotel.com.

Contact: sales@rotel.com

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ProSource is the largest specialty and consumer-electronics merchandising group in the United States, representing more than 550 independent retailers and custom integrators. With extensive industry expertise and exceptional vendor relationships, ProSource empowers its members with unmatched buying power and resources. ProSource provides a platform for professionals to connect, collaborate, and innovate, setting the standard for excellence in the custom integration industry. For additional information go to www.prosourceinfo.com.  
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