January 2024

Rotel RA-6000 was awarded with a “recognition”

The RA-6000 Integrated Amplifier was awarded with a “recognition” from the Hi-Fi and music magazine in Poland:

In 2021, on its 60th birthday, Rotel introduced a commemorative series called 6000. It includes a CD player and an integrated amplifier. Both components embody the experiences that Japanese engineers gained over six decades, especially evident in the case of the amplifier.

The appearance of the jubilee RA-6000 is in no way different from Rotel's established style. Numerous buttons and a large volume knob make it feel familiar to longtime fans of the brand. A sign of the times is the addition of a D/A converter and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. However, the tradition is upheld by the oversized power supply designed specifically for this model and efficient power output stages.


The sound of the RA-6000 also carries the characteristic traits of Rotel, though in an exceptionally refined presentation. The anniversary construction creates a spectacular stereo stage for the listener, worthy of more expensive devices. Thanks to excellent detailing, every sound and rustle can be heard on this stage. Add to that the energetic bass and dynamics—diverse both at the micro and macro levels—and you get an excellent, emotion-rich sound that can confidently compete in the realm of high-end audio.

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Rotel RA-6000

Hi-Fi and music magazine review

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