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Frequently Asked Questions

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An internet radio station that I have used for weeks does not connect anymore - the display just says 'Connecting'.

Internet radio stations sometimes just disappear, or change URL which is the address that your Rotel obtains the streaming signal from. Log on to your account at and check that the wanted station is still available by reloading it. If the site reports that the station fails the streaming test, then the service has been discontinued.

Applicable Models:
RCX-1500 | RDG-1520 | RT-09 | RT-12

Are there any discrete remote IR codes to control zone 2 on my Rotel receiver/processor?

Yes, many Rotel receivers and processors include discrete remote codes to control power/volume and input selection for zones 2-4. In many cases these codes are not available on the supplied remote, however we have the raw hex codes available for download on the Support section of this site. Many third-party control systems and remotes may already have these codes available as well.

Applicable Models:
RSP-1069 | RSP-1570 | RSP-1572 | RSX-1057 | RSX-1058 | RSX-1550 | RSX-1560 | RSX-1562 | RX-1052 | RX-1052 V03

Are there any pure analog and unprocessed inputs on Rotel surround receivers or processors?

Yes - these Rotel receivers offer a 'Bypass' mode for all of the stereo analog inputs which allows the signal to bypass all of the internal DSP processing and remain purely analog from input to output. In addition to the analog stereo inputs, Rotel receivers and processors also offer a multichannel analog input which also bypasses all internal processing, allowing you to connect a multichannel source such as an SACD player to the system.

Applicable Models:
RAP-1580 | RSP-1068 | RSP-1069 | RSP-1098 | RSP-1570 | RSP-1572 | RSP-1576 | RSP-1582 | RSX-1056 | RSX-1057 | RSX-1058 | RSX-1067 | RSX-1550 | RSX-1560 | RSX-1562

Are there any pure analog and unprocessed inputs on the RSP-1066, RSX-1055 or RSX-1065?

The RSP-1066, RSX-1055 and RSX-1065’s analog inputs are all pure analog inputs when used in 2 channel stereo mode. There is some digital processing to generate a subwoofer output in stereo, but this is not done to the original signal. The signal is split at the input and a copy of the signal is sent to through processing and the digital crossover of the unit to generate the subwoofer output for stereo. The only signal processing the original signal sees before the output is tone control and volume. The other analog input on the these models is the 7 channel Multi Input. This is a pure analog bypass of the DSP circuitry, with no processing only an analog 100Hz filter which redirects some bass information below 100Hz to the subwoofer output while still allowing the speaker outputs to pass a full range signal. This allows there to be a subwoofer output even for source material that does not contain a dedicated LFE channel.

Applicable Models:
RSP-1066 | RSX-1055 | RSX-1065

Can a powered subwoofer be connected to my Rotel Integrated Amplifier?

Most Rotel Integrated Amplifiers provide both line-level and speaker-level outputs that can be used to connect a powered subwoofer to your system. 

To connect a powered subwoofer via line level (RCA), the Left and Right PRE OUT connections can be used from the Rotel unit to the line level input on the subwoofer. 

Alternatively, most subwoofers also can be connected via speaker wire, and your subwoofer’s owner’s manual should give more connection information on the various setup options using speaker level connections.

Applicable Models:
A10 | A12 | A14 | RA-02 | RA-10 | RA-11 | RA-12 | RA-1060 | RA-1062 | RA-1070 | RA-1520 | RA-1570 | RCX-1500

Can a powered subwoofer be connected to my Rotel Stereo Preamplifier?

Most Rotel Stereo Preamplifiers provide at least two line-level pre outputs, one of which could be used to connect a powered subwoofer to your system.

To connect a powered subwoofer via line level (RCA), one set of the Left and Right PRE OUT connections can be used from the Rotel unit to the line level input on the subwoofer. The other pair of PRE OUT connections would be used to connect to your main power amplifier for your speakers.

One word of caution - ideally you should choose a subwoofer that has both a Left and Right line level input. If your subwoofer only has a single mono input, just connect the Left or Right Pre Out to the input; do not use a Y cable to combine the Left and Right Pre Out as this can result in the output of the loudspeakers being output in mono instead of stereo.

Applicable Models:
RC-1070 | RC-1082 | RC-1090 | RC-1550 | RC-1570 | RC-1580

Can I connect both RCA and XLR outputs simultaneously?

No. We recommend only utilizing one or the other output and do not connect both XLR and RCA connections simultaneously.

Applicable Models:
RC-1090 | RC-1570 | RC-1572 | RC-1590 | RCD-1570 | RCD-1572 | RDD-1580 | RSP-1582

Can I connect both the component and HDMI monitor out connections?

Please refer below to the answers depending on the model you own:

  • RSP-1098 HDMI, RSX-1057: As these models do not offer scaling or upconversion from analog video to the HDMI outputs, you can connect both HDMI and Component video monitor outputs to the TV.
  • RSP-1069, RSP-1570, RSP-1572, RSX-1058, RSX-1550, RSX-1560, RSX-1562: It is not recommended to connect component video and HDMI video outputs to a monitor simultaneously as the two video image signals may affect each other. These Rotel products will scale all analog video inputs to the HDMI output so both connections would not be necessary to view both HDMI and analog video sources.
Applicable Models:
RSP-1069 | RSP-1098 | RSP-1570 | RSP-1572 | RSX-1057 | RSX-1058 | RSX-1550 | RSX-1560 | RSX-1562

Can I connect my computer audio output to the computer input (I/O) on the back of the Rotel?

No. The RJ45 computer I/O input on your Rotel product is only used for external control using third-party developed RS232 control software such as Crestron or AMX. This input is also used in the case that a software upgrade is needed for your Rotel equipment.

If your computer has analog or digital audio outputs you could connect your computer to a Rotel receiver or surround processor using one of the analog or digital inputs as you would connect any other source component such as a DVD player or CD player. Or, for even better sound quality, add a USB DAC to your system such as the RDD-1580. The RDD-1580 features a rear panel PC-USB connection that can be used to connect your computer to the system for high quality audio playback.

Applicable Models:
RA-1070 | RA-1520 | RC-1082 | RC-1090 | RC-1580 | RCX-1500 | RSP-1066 | RSP-1068 | RSP-1069 | RSP-1098 | RSP-1570 | RSP-1572 | RSX-1055 | RSX-1056 | RSX-1057 | RSX-1058 | RSX-1065 | RSX-1067 | RSX-1550 | RSX-1560 | RSX-1562 | RX-1050 | RX-1052

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