Frequently Asked Questions

What audio formats/file types will play on the RA-1570 or RC-1570?

The RA-1570 and RC-1570 will play a wide variety of popular audio file formats, depending upon the type of connection being used. The list below details what files will play with each connection type:

  • Front Panel USB Input (w/ iPod or iPhone): Any format supported by the Apple device.
  • Front Panel USB Input (w/ Bluetooth Dongle): Any format supported by the sending device.
  • Front Panel USB Input (w/ USB Flash Drive): MP3, WAV, WMA, Ogg Vorbis (48kHz 16-bit maximum)
  • Coax/Optical Digital Inputs: LPCM (192kHz 24-bit maximum)
  • PC-USB: Any supported format by the PC software (192kHz 24-bit maximum)

Applicable Models

RA-1570 | RC-1570

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