May 2021

Rotel - Qualcomm Service Discontinuation Notice

Important Update for owners of Rotel Internet Radio Products based upon the Qualcomm Reciva platform as listed below:

  • RT-1570
  • RDG-1520
  • RCX-1500
  • RT-09
  • RT-12

As someone who may own one of the above Products, we wanted to advise you that Qualcomm, the company which provides the Reciva Internet Radio Platform, have decided to cease the provision of Internet Radio services effective June 20, 2021. This means the products listed above will no longer be able to receive Internet Radio Streams after the above date. Rotel was engaged in negotiations with Qualcomm to acquire the servers upon which the platform is hosted to extend the service beyond June 20, 2021 but unfortunately the decision was made by Qualcomm not to sell the servers and services.

Given Qualcomm’s decision, Rotel engineers are currently in discussions with alternate radio service providers investigating whether a software upgrade is possible to allow continued use of internet radio streaming after June 20, 2021. It is hoped that we will have answers whether this is possible prior to Qualcomm terminating their service.

Currently, when new software updates are needed your product obtains these from the Qualcomm server, however after June 20, 2021, this will no longer be possible as the servers will be shut down. We would therefore ask you to ensure that you upgrade the current software to the latest version prior to June 20, 2021.

The latest software update is available via the Internet and you should be prompted to update when you power cycle the unit. You can confirm if your product has the most recent software via the front panel menu by selecting the SETTINGS option and then VERSION. The firmware can be updated using the UPGRADE option in the settings menu when the unit is connected to an active Internet connection.

The firmware must be updated to the following version prior to the Qualcomm server going dark and offline, as without the latest firmware it will be impossible for your unit to reach the new Rotel server for future updates.

Latest Software Version: 266-a-137-a-014

By completing this upgrade your product will be able to connect to a Rotel server to obtain future updates should they become available.

If you are not able to upgrade, please contact your local Rotel dealer or distributor for assistance.

Future updates will be provided via the Rotel Website at

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the Rotel brand.  

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