May 2019

Control4 IP Drivers now available!

Connects with Control4

We’re pleased to announce that we have recently added IP control support to all our Control4 drivers! Now any Rotel product that supports IP control can use either IP or RS232 as the control method when installed with a Control4 system.

These drivers are exclusively available for download on the Control System Resources page.

These drivers are not Control4 Certified as Rotel does not currently incorporate Control4’s SDDP (Simple Device Discovery Protocol) into our products. This means during the initial system setup the IP address of the Rotel product must be configured in Composer Pro and is not automatically detected using the Control4 SDDP protocol.

These drivers were developed using the same code base as our Certified Serial drivers so you can be assured these are solid drivers that will enjoy all the same benefits and feature sets of their Certified counterparts, with the added option for IP control.

We are continuing to offer the Certified Serial-only versions of our drivers for download alongside the updated IP/Serial versions as well, so you choose either version of the driver as you see fit.

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